My research focuses on social entrepreneurship from a sociological point of view. I like to frame my research agenda around the entrepreneurial process of opportunity discovery, evaluation, and exploitation from a social entrepreneurship angle. My research answers social entrepreneurship research questions related to social opportunity identification, social opportunity financing, social exits, and founding effects on social venture performance by utilizing sociological ideas like institutional theory and organizational imprinting.

Overall, I believe that my research has a wider impact outside of just the entrepreneurship and management disciplines. As NGOs, non-profits, and governmental organizations continue to cut back on the social wealth they deliver to beneficiaries and the environment due to lower levels of philanthropic donations and funding, social entrepreneurs will be looked at as leaders that create financially sustainable organizations that look to make the world a better place. My research on social entrepreneurial organizations looks to inform these practitioners in order to increase the social wealth that they create.

I pride myself as an methods expert proficient with softwares such as SPSS, AMOS, and HLM. I am well versed in multiple methods such as regression, multiple regression, reliability analysis, exploratory factor analysis, confrimatiory factor analysis, path analysis, ANOVA, ANCOVA, MANOVA, and MANCOVA.


  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Early-Stage Investment Decisions
  • Institutional Theory
  • Entrepreneurial Venture Valuation

Current Research Projects

  • Measuring Social Entrepreneruship

    The goal of my research is to develop measurement instruments that can measure social entrepreneurship in a valid and reliable way. The scales currently being developed and published in different outlets attempt to identify social entrepreneurship via the salience of social and financial goals while also attempting to assess performance of firms based on the satisfaction with social and financial outcomes of the firm.

  • Consumer responses to social business models

    There is a growing body of literature that surrounds social entrepreneurship and social business models. However, there is little that attempts to unpack the consumer response to such business models. Most research looks at the founders and their firms by themselves, ignoring how the environment these firms operate react to their choice of business models. Our research seeks to be some of the first to shed light on this side of social entrepreneurship research.

  • Early Stage Investment Decisions

    We look to unravel the different influences that exist on early stage investment decisions via new theory development tested via quantitative data. Based on the access Kevin C Cox has to multiple data sources, we have been able to show interesting findings that have been previously published while continuing to develop new papers.